Quick Tips to Effective Content Marketing

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No doubt Content Marketing will be bigger this year. It’s one of the Top 7 SEO Trends this 2015 and we understand why content marketing is important. Online marketers believe that it will drive more search engine rankings this year especially if it is done together with search engine optimization.

A solid marketing strategy is needed. Brands must plan for advertising and promotion. They must work to keep things new and strive to publish unique content with high quality, in high volume, and develop one that really sells or better yet, goes viral.

Continuing with our ‘Creating Killer Content for Marketing’ feature based on the webinar by Janelle Johnson, Director of Demand Gen, here are some quick tips to effective content marketing:



We identified the company and product values as the ‘Meat’, buyer personas as the ‘Spice’, and the expert combination of value persona as the ‘5-Star Meal’, we now ‘Import the ingredients’ by getting input from various sources outside of your usual marketing strategy and setting up a network of regular contributors to support content volume.

There are a number of sources to tap: (1) Sales people because they know common objections to the product or service; (2) Customer Service as they know most of the pain points; and (3) External contributors for a fresher perspective.



Add some ‘dressing’ to your content to complete a hearty meal. You can also cut content into smaller chunks because format matters. To make use of old content, you can reposition them for a new persona.

For example, a long blog post can be cut into different parts and published in a series of smaller entries. You can turn content into infographics or write a more serious format like an e-book or a white paper depending on the topic.



Context matters so it is recommended that content are positioned in the context of current events. One effective way is to piggyback on hot topics so you can get more leverage. This is also known as ‘newsjacking’ according to Janelle Johnson.

So what should you do next?

  • Take an inventory of your website’s existing content (blogs, images, marketing materials, etc.)
  • Map out buyer personas
  • Map existing content to the buyer personas you identified to identify opportunities and gaps

Creating Killer Content for Marketing Webinar
Janelle Johnson

IMAGE: Rosaura Ochoa

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