Is SEO still relevant? (Part 2)

Is SEO still relevant

( Part 2 | Continued from last week: Content Marketing Strategy For SEO and Beyond)

Is SEO still relevant? Of course it is! Here are a few SEO tips you can follow while doing your content marketing strategies:

  • Don’t repeat keyword phrases over and over again
  • Include keyword phrases on relevant places like page title, headline, URL, and at least once throughout the text
  • Don’t use the same words verbatim throughout the content
  • Write in a way that your audience will understand
  • Focus on providing value for buyers
  • Place quality content within webpages, guest posts, blog posts, and lead generation offers

So content marketing and SEO together? Yes. You can optimize content for your audience so people can find your website. To produce remarkable content, talk to your audience and ask them what they want. Write for humans first before writing for search engines. Generating ideas and writing effective content may take a while. It is time consuming but it is important to get quality and targeted content.

SOURCE: Brianne Carlon Rush (Kuno Creative)

IMAGE: Paloma Gomez


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