Content Marketing Strategy For SEO and Beyond (Part 1)

Content Marketing Strategy For SEO and Beyond

We all know how content marketing can be helpful to a company’s SEO and advertising efforts. It’s one of the 10 Essential Content Marketing Predictions this 2015 with content marketing providers focusing more on solutions partner.

There are numerous quick tips to effective content marketing and some ways to create killer content for marketing. Content marketing is very important and it is one SEO trend that will dominate in 2015. We’ll never run out of topics to cover about content marketing but you must decide to finally develop a strategy that will bring your company to success. With the right mix of inbound marketing, search engine marketing, and content marketing, you can reach your goals.

Brianne Carlon Rush of Kuno Creative shared strategies on content marketing for some of their biggest clients. As the Content Director of an inbound marketing agency, Rush knows content marketing inside and out.

Admit it or not, content marketing strategy is hard. It’s easy to write down words but to create an effective and persuasive copy that will capture the attention of many people can be quite a challenge. Less than half of content being published and going viral each day has strategy behind it.

The ‘2014 B2B Content Marketing Benchmark, Budgets, and Trends Report’ said that only 44 percent of B2B marketers have a document content strategy and 93% of them use content marketing. The numbers are not surprising since there’s been greater pressure on marketers since SEO has changed the past years, no thanks to Google’s Panda and Penguin algorithm updates.

If before, keyword stuffing, link building, and other dirty tricks worked for a while, it’s now considered very bad. The game has changed and marketers are called to produce more quality content—REMARKABLE CONTENT this time.

What is Remarkable Content?

Kuno Creative’s Brianne Carlon Rush described remarkable content as offering useful information that are aligned with the lives and challenges of the audience. Such also speaks about the benefits of the services or products and not much on the features.

Remarkable content must speak to the audience in the tone and language it prefers. It must be consistent, relevant, void of blatant promotion, well written, and free or errors.

Developing a successful strategy is a must now. Custom content will help clients stand out and will help gain new customers by generating quality leads. To be more successful, you must go to the source, the customers, and ask them about what they want.

How do you get information? Interview people around you: the sales people, trainers, customer service reps, employees, product managers, and colleagues. Ask them their expectations from the company, strengths and weaknesses, and key differentiators in the industry.

You need to interview a mix of old and new customers as well. Ask them about their buying experiences, the buying process, product reviews, and more. You will learn a lot from your interviews. Turn all those information into a content map so you’ll know what content you have and what needs to be created.

(to be continued: Is SEO still relevant?)

SOURCE: Brianne Carlon Rush (Kuno Creative)

IMAGE: Eli Duke on Flickr

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