8 Trends in Social Media To Watch Out For

COVID-19 has changed social media in many ways. It has given birth to new trends and developments that will continue to influence our lives in the coming years. Given this, content creators and social media managers must be aware of these trends which they can incorporate into their plans for the coming months and years.

1. Tiktok

Tiktok and short-form video content will continue to be popular in the coming years. It is the perfect platform for brands trying to reach millennials and Genz consumers. Also, the app has developed tools useful for advertisers and marketers alike.

2. New audiences

In the coming years, the primary goal of social media is to reach new audiences. It is high time for creators and managers to navigate new audiences experimenting with untapped demographics in terms of geography, age, gender, race, and religion. It is not enough to depend on people currently on social media. Try to open doors and welcome new audiences.

3. Video contents

Similar to the most recent years, video content will remain the dominant type of social media content. Make sure that you include or further increase video in your content plan. Also, invest in video equipment and skills so you can start creating more compelling video content in the next years.

4. Influencer marketing

Partnering with influencers is no longer a novel idea. In the coming years, there will be more influencers which means that it will be more affordable for brands to hire influencers. Meanwhile, the effectiveness of these influencers will continue to be effective. Expect to work with not just a single influencer but with a group or a niche of them.

5. Augmented reality

Both augmented and virtual reality will be more popular in the coming years. More social media platforms are integrating it. Also, consumers are having more options to create and view AR and VR through the release of smartphones with new capabilities. Although AR is seen today as an entertainment tool, marketers can actually employ it to make their campaigns more effective.

6. Small networks

Small networks are those that have not yet gained the status of the popularity of social media network giants such as Facebook, Twitter, and even TikTok. The rise of TikTok from a small network to a huge one has a lot to say with the future of other smaller networks like Snapchat, Pinterest, or Subreddit. More ads and consumers are projected to go to these spaces because they feel that popular networks can be already saturated.

7. Social audio

Audio-only content has started to become popular because of podcasts. Social audio can refer to not just pre-recorded audio content, but also to audio live streams. This format can be very popular, especially for educational, political, or social content. What can be written, can now be spoken and listened to.

8. Social commerce

In general, social commerce will remain to be popular across all social media platforms. Advertisements, marketed posts, and shoppable content will remain to be ubiquitous in the coming years. More creative strategies to market a product or service will also be introduced.

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