6 Techniques to Make Your Posts Easy to Read

In order to achieve a wide audience, you must appeal to the majority of the population. To do this, you must produce contents that are easy to read and are accessible to all types of readers. Your points must come across easily to your readers and your topics must invite instead of intimidating the visitors of your website.

1. Produce quality content

Before trying to simplify your posts, you must first ensure that you are producing quality content. The topics you discuss should be interesting to your readers and you must be adding something new to the existing dialogue. To do this, you can conduct initial research about the topic in order to identify where to start and how should you direct the conversation.

2. Use sub-headers and bullet points

 Website visitors do not read your content, they skim. They tend to scroll your page and look for the specific parts that answer their queries. To make the task easier for them, you can use sub-headers and bullet points. Sub-headers summarize the sections of your posts. By just reading the sub-headers, they get an idea of what is being discussed. 

Meanwhile, bullet points help you present chunks of data, statistics, facts, and examples in a simpler manner. Reading becomes less daunting for your readers.

3. Maximize white space

A text-heavy post is a big turn-off to your readers. To avoid overwhelming readers, you can maximize white space by cutting your paragraphs and including photos, videos, and graphs in between. Allow the readers to rest their eyes by including white space across your post. 

One way to do this is to preview your post before posting. Assume the role of the reader so you can see how the presentation of the text can be heavy.

4. Employ shorter paragraphs

A paragraph should include the main idea and its supporting details. In writing your content, make sure to use only three to four sentences for each paragraph by including only the pertinent information. Your readers would appreciate brevity. Short paragraphs are more inviting and easier to read. 

5. Include images and videos

Images, videos, and other multimedia content can help you simplify a complex idea or discussion in a creative manner. Graphs and charts can help you visualize summaries of numbers and statistics. Images and videos can supplement the article by presenting ideas that would be less effective when just written in words. 

6. Use mixed sentence lengths

The optimal length of the sentences in your post to make them easier to read should be a mix of short, medium, and long sentences. Using only short-length sentences will make your article sound robotic, simple, and unsophisticated. They will also give you a hard time connecting ideas. Long sentences, on the other hand, are hard to read and comprehend when done side by side with one another.

Using a variety of short, medium, and long sentences strategically can make your writing sound harmonious and easy to read. Your readers would not get tired easily by kilometric-long sentences, or be offended by your overly simplified presentation of your ideas.

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