5 Types of Videos to Use on your Social Media Campaigns

Most successful social media campaigns today include videos. Videos allow for more effective customer engagement and persuasion. Much like the power of photographs, videos give the products and services we sell a sense of legitimacy and validity. If you are thinking of starting to use videos in your campaigns, here are some of the most effective video types you can start using.

1. “About us” videos

In order to build a loyal customer base, you need to introduce yourself to your market. One good way to do so is to create an “about us” video. Create a video based on how you want your potential clients to see you. For example, if you want to exude professionalism, make sure that you make the video serious and formal. Meanwhile, if you want to show friendliness, you create a more relaxed and quirky video. “About us” videos are a more creative way to present your company, instead of just writing it out in a short bio that most people do not care to look at.

2. Close-up videos

Close-up videos allow customers to see your product up close and personal. Even without physically touching the item, they get to be familiar with it because you are showcasing every angle of the product.

Close-up videos also get in the details of your product. It is more in-depth than a tutorial because you have to comprehensively discuss the product, including its intended benefits, where it should not be used, certain precautions, among other things. 

3. Overview videos

An overview video can be about the company, your brand, or your products. A product overview video can help you showcase the range of products you are offering. This type of video can also be used for highlighting one specific product and talking about its features, pricing, where it is available, among other relevant questions that your audience might be interested in.

A product overview video can be a tutorial or a customer review about the product. A tutorial video of the product can be helpful for products that have intricate parts or a complicated manual. Customer review videos are very effective in encouraging other people to buy your products. 

4. Explainer videos

Explainer videos are an effective way to make your audience understand a complex idea, product, or phenomenon. In your social media campaigns, explainer videos can clear up misunderstandings about your product, build trust by giving them reliable resources that can back up your claims, as well as advertise your product in a straightforward manner.

5. Founders and employees videos

As part of your social media campaign to sell your brand or attract new employees, you can create a video showcasing the organization’s founder and employees. Having the founders or employees speak about the company, its products, or services gives off a sense of trust and confidence.

Video formats for this type of video can include an interview question-and-answer form, a thank you video, or even a live video where employees get to answer questions and respond to comments from live viewers.

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