5 Tips to Write Viral Blog Posts

All bloggers want to write viral posts that can rake in thousands of audiences and thousands of dollars. But, writing a viral blog is easier said than done. You have to churn out content that is engaging and informative. 

These five easy and basic steps can help you create blog posts that capture the attention of the public. Be consistent in whatever you do, and surely you will have viral posts in no time. 

1. Write a lot

Viral posts are only a small fraction of all the content generated online. You cannot expect one post to go viral immediately. This means that you should create and publish lots of content on your blog.

Writing a lot also gets you to improve your skills and content. By producing several posts, you get to know the likes and dislikes of your audience and other people online. You can refine your content based on the stats of your previous content, whether they were well-received or not.

2. Use captivating titles

The title of a blog post should encapsulate the content of your blog post. It should be short and simple yet engaging. The title would be the first words that your readers will see, so you need to put a lot of thought into this.

Your title should also be search engine-friendly. This means that when people go to search engines such as Google, Bing, or Yahoo!, they will search for certain keywords and your blog post will be indexed by the search engines as one of the most relevant content online. 

3. Be trendy, but original

To be popular, you need to write about topics that are relevant and interesting to the public. Follow trends and updates so you have an idea of what issues are currently trending. 

Just remember though to provide a unique perspective on these popular topics. Readers do not want to read an article that echos what they already know. You can get their attention and admiration by taking a side that is new or even controversial.

4. Incorporate pictures and videos

Gone are the days that the public wants to read text-heavy articles. Notice that online magazines today rely heavily on the use of pictures, videos, or even GIFs. People are visual learners. They will appreciate your content more if you take this into consideration.

Also, try to design aesthetically pleasing thumbnails. This will entice readers to click on your website despite not reading the article just yet. 

5. Maximize social media

Social media are powerful platforms for making a post go viral. There are consistently many people on any social media website at a given time. You should use these platforms to share your content as often as possible so that more people can see, and possibly, engage your post.

There are some posts that go viral without the author deliberately sharing them on social media. However, this is a rare instance. Creators should also put in the effort of making sure that their content is advertised.

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