5 Common Mistakes Newbie Bloggers Make

Blogging is not an easy endeavor. Surely, there will be challenges and difficulties you will have to face. Learning heads on common mistakes that beginner bloggers commonly make is one way to make your blogging journey smoother.

Trying to be everything

The first step of blogging is finding your niche. First and foremost, you have to identify your goals. This means that you should only focus on topics related to your brand.

Trying to write about everything loses the attention of your audience. Also, it is counterproductive to your goal of building a niche of loyal readers and customers. As a blogger, it is also easier for you to write about things that are already familiar to you.

Targetting everyone

Another common mistake of beginner bloggers is failing to choose a target audience. When you begin building your blog, you have to be specific on the type of people you want to reach. Try to be specific in terms of age, economic class, gender, and location.

Once you have identified your target market, you will then create content that specifically appeals to them. For every post, take into account the wants and needs of your target audience.

Being inconsistent

One viral blog post does not ensure your success as a newbie blogger. People who visit your blog expect to receive new content on a regular basis. They are generally creatures of habit. 

If they see that your schedule and content are inconsistent, they can be discouraged to regularly visit your blog. 

You should be consistent with the schedule and content of your posts. This also helps search engines to regularly index your blog which can grow your readership through time. Consider creating a content calendar that can help you organize and facilitate the timely posting of content on a regular basis.

Obsessing on SEO

Search Engine Optimization or SEO can help you increase your readership only to a limited extent. Your blog will not grow if you focus too much on generating keywords in your content for SEO, and not put your attention on quality and targeting the audience’s wants. 

Google and other search engines now implement indexing based on the context instead of just the keywords used. This ensures that what they index in the search results is of high quality. Keep in mind that once you elevate the quality of your blog posts, only then you can start to think about SEO to improve your searchability.

Forgetting to sell

Creating high-quality content in your blog is also not enough to become successful in the industry. What new bloggers miss is the promotional aspect. Some bloggers stop at publishing content on their domains without promoting their posts on social media sites and other platforms.

A new blogger should always take the opportunity to sell his or her content. The blogging industry is a competitive market and you can easily lose your audience if they do not notice it frequently. If you can spare a small amount, you can opt to sponsor your posts on social media sites so they can reach your target audience easily.

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