5 Common Mistakes in Social Media Management

The task of social media management can be challenging. For beginners, one way to help you learn the job quickly is to avoid committing common mistakes in social media management. Learn how to avoid these mistakes so you can focus on more important tasks. 

1. Posting the same content on various platforms

Social media managers have the tendency to create one content to be shared to all social media sites. But, doing this is actually not helpful to your brand because makes your message less effective. 

Remember that each platform demands a specific type of content. Learn what type of content best fits the platform you are dealing with. For example, if you are posting on Instagram, focus more on the quality of photos above anything else. Meanwhile, for Facebook, it is best if you accompany your post with videos because the site’s algorithm favors videos above any other type of content. 

2. Posting only your own content

Posting others’ content on your social media page might sound counterintuitive to your goal of increasing traffic. After all, you want your own content to generate revenue. However, it turns out that curating content from other content creators can help other people discover your page.

 When you only post your content, your readers and followers will not grow that much. You market your content to the same people who may eventually grow tired of the same thing you post. Try experimenting with sharing quality content from other sources. These posts may increase awareness of your brand, and eventually, your following.

3. Not uploading videos

Gone are the days that the job of a social media manager is to just think of a witty line. Today, you have to incorporate pictures and videos in your posts. Try to upload more videos as social media users now are more engaged when they watch videos.

These videos need not be professionally produced. Believe it or not, a video can be viral as long as you are able to capture the attention of the people.

4. Failing to respond immediately

One research found that 70% of people are more likely to purchase and use a brand’s product or service if it responds immediately to questions posted on social media. In the age of digital communication, customers want reliable service on the go. If they do not get the appropriate response immediately, they would likely search for other products or services from other brands. 

5. Not boosting the right content

You may be tempted to spend on advertising for posts that do not do well in terms of engagement. It may be the logical thing to do, but this approach will make you rely heavily on paying sponsored content.

The right types of content to boost are the ones that are already high in engagement. Posts with a high engagement rate can perform significantly better when it is boosted. This results in a wider reach for your content that people actually want, instead of poor performing posts that they would just gloss over on their social media feeds.

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