2016 Digital Marketing Trends Every Small Business Owner Should Know

Digital Marketing Trends

It’s the –ber months and you all know what that means. Yes, 2016 is coming around the corner (and Christmas as well). For digital marketers, this would mean a whole new adjustment cycle as for sure, 2016 will bring in new trends.

It’s better to be prepared unless you want to be run over by a bus, figuratively. So here are 2016 digital marketing predictions that may or may not happen in 2016.

One of the biggest trends that is starting to rise as early as this year is the shift from Facebook to other social media. Over the past months, many users are beginning to leave the social media website because of the negative publicity it is getting from problems with privacy to the ads. Therefore, it is possible that Facebook may lose the limelight as the most-used social media platform and this could prove to be fatal if your strategies are Facebook-centric. From Ello to the rise of Pinterest, it’s high time that you start heading back to the drawing board and come up with new social media marketing strategies that will work for other social media platforms.

Mobile will reign strong in 2016. There’s no doubt about it and with the increase in demand for wearable technology such as the Apple Watch, websites have to be mobile-friendly. Furthermore, you also have to consider the increase in demand for smart technology aka the Internet of Things where not so similar devices could interact without much problem. With so much technology being developed and released, you might want to consider them in your future plans.

Email will be making a comeback this time as a form of chat. Gone are the old days where when one thinks of emails, automatically they assume it to be an old fashioned way of sending quick letters. Now people are using email as more than just a form of communication. From customer service to real time chat, email is making a comeback and fast.

Above all: Design and Content will reign supreme. Trust us, without these two where would digital marketing be? In light of mobile and wearables, there will be more demand for responsive designs and relevant content. Users are becoming pickier and would rather cater to businesses with websites that are not only complete with important and vital information but are also pleasing to the eye. To help you get started on this, always remember that less is more.

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