2015 SEO Changes Marketers Should Look Out For

SEO Marketers

Change is a constant thing. There is nothing permanent in this world except for change. Search Engine Optimization is just one of the things that will keep on changing as time goes by. This cannot be helped as we begin to explore new things about the internet and technology, and with that marketers should always be on top of their game.

It cannot be helped that some marketers can only keep up to an extent. After all there are several SEO updates that are being dished out year after year. To help marketers, we’ve collated some of the most important SEO trends that every marketer should know about.

Earlier this year, Google released its Mobile-geddon update wherein websites should be mobile-friendly. This is due to the algorithm shift Google made to make websites more mobile friendly, in light of the fast growing trend of mobile browsing and internet usage. Websites that are not mobile-ready are penalized with lower rankings or no search engine ranking at all. This would include SEO keyword readjusting such as using keywords sparingly and as appropriately as possible. For example, if your keyword is SEO company Arizona, your keyword is to be used as appropriately as possible unless you want your website to be penalized by Google and have your current rankings suffer.

Speaking of keywords, one of the biggest SEO trends is the need for precise keywords. Users now are looking for more localized solutions when they do their search and it is important for businesses to utilize the appropriate keywords to serve the function. For example, if you are a website development company established in Arizona, you will be buried – almost non-existent – if you merely used website development as your keyword. However, if you use website development Arizona as a keyword, you will be found faster and easier by your potential clients.

Another big change is to have your website optimized for other search engines such as Bing, Yahoo and DuckDuckGo. 2015 saw surprising turnouts for Google as Yahoo became the favored default search engine for Firefox. To add in to that, its deal with Apple’s Safari will be finished within the year and competitors Yahoo and Bing are eyeing for that spot. Given that possibility, online marketers are advised to also be ready and visible for other search engines so that they could still be visible on the internet.

Another SEO change that marketers should look into is the shift from rankings to ROI metrics. As much as it is great to hear that your website is leading in certain keyword rankings, like “Congratulations, you are number 1 for the keyword SEO company Arizona”, it doesn’t mean that everything is converted with monetary value. It is true that rankings are still important but having these keywords converted into revenue will be more worth it in the long run because you know you have made the right investment.

Let’s go to the more social approach of SEO trends: social media. For 2015 social media is more than just an avenue for sharing and informing your target market that you exist. Social media is now a marketing channel that continues to prove as a reliable adjunct when doing marketing. Aside from that, social media is also one of the top platforms to bring about better customer service to your clients in real time. The reason behind this is because your audience wants a better and more personal approach in dealing with them. Remember, in the end, it is customer satisfaction that counts.

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