15 Twitter for Social Media Marketing Tips

Among the Top 8 SEO Trends Ruling this 2014, we mentioned that social media still plays a big role in traffic referrals. This means Twitter is still important for businesses.

Companies should consider having an account or several accounts to attract a following. With Twitter, businesses can extend online networking, therefore, more potential clients that will increase ROI.

Runing a successful Twitter account is possible but it’s not as easy as you think. An effective Twitter manager knows what and when to send relevant Tweets. In order to impress and stand out against the competition, a business can use Twitter to get noticed.

Community Managerment on Twitter is different from Facebook. According to @TheTweepleQueen Wendy Kier, Twitter management is:

“…all about the people we are following; have following us and the people who are talking about us and our business that we are not yet connected with.”

There are many things to learn about managing a Twitter account but here are some important things to remember about Twitter Social Media Management:

1. The ideal length of a tweet is 100 characters, Facebook is less than 40 characters, Google+ headline less than 60

2. Questions and asking for referrals are effective on Twitter

3. Use images. Forty-percent (40%) of people will be more likely to respond to visual information than plain text

4. Take advantage of Twitter’s in-stream image preview.

5. Ideal size of images to post on Twitter: 440 x 220 pixels, centered and aligned vertically, 2:1 aspect ratio

6. Image takes 26 characters away from the tweet. To optimize tweet for more retweets, try to keep message under 94 characters.

7. Best time to tweet: early in the afternoon (1-3PM) Monday to Thursday

8. Avoid 8PM any day and 3PM Friday. Most people don’t check Twitter during these times.

9. Twitter gets most traffic on 9AM and 3PM when people are about to start and end their work.

10. Use Twitter hashtags related to account or those that are trending (one or two will do), join in the conversation

11. Don’t start tweets with @username because this makes the message only visible to the specific person

12. Don’t overtweet about yourself or your products

13. Share links to items of interest (ex: infographics)

14. Re-distribute content from your website (links to website)

15. Get involved in live tweeting events.

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