10 Essential Content Marketing Predictions this 2015

10 Essential Content Marketing Predictions this 2015

In 2014, we understood why content marketing is important. It was also last year when content became the more popular and began to be an effective marketing strategy for most brands. This 2015, content marketing is expected to be maximized and bring significant returns on investment.

We learned that content marketing will be an important online marketing strategy this year. It’s the Internet marketing trend that will bring drive search rankings as SEO will focus more on the technical elements of a brand or a website.

Content marketing will be bigger than ever this year. Brands are expected to understand more their audiences this year. Creating a killer content must be the goal of every company who are poised to reach a wider audience. According to a B2B Content Marketing Study, 58% of B2B marketers are planning to increase content marketing budget this year. Marketers are said to focus more on measuring efforts with each individual consumer.

Shafqat Islam of NewsCred shared on Mashable his annual list of 10 predictions for the content marketing industry. His predictions are related to how ROI come from investments on effective content marketing. Instead of page views, marketers must now focus on individuals by starting relationships with the audience.

This year, brands must strive to increase ROI by meeting the audience with the right content.

Here are Shafqat Islam’s 10 predictions for content marketing in 2015:

1. Marketing will become people-focused
2. Big brands will focus intently on content governance
3. Feeds will force brands to invest in owned versus social
4. Big brands and tech companies will battle over journalists
5. Marketers will become growth engines for their businesses
6. The path to millennials will be individualism
7. Content marketing providers will focus on solutions partners
8. Market consolidation will expand into content marketing
9. Video will play a larger role in content strategy
10. Content exchanges will become a top priority

[SOURCE: Mashable]

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